Events Coordinator

Simons experience as an events cordinator makes him the ideal choice for your team.

He has grown his own festival 'Southern Lights' from a small gathering into a sellout 'must attend' three day event in just four years.

He has a wealth of experience organising large events and liasing with local councils, officials, subcontractors, emergency services and brings a unique and lively feel to the proceedings.

  • Complete event management - from start to finish all aspects of the event are covered from risk assessments and impact analysis to hiring staff and marking out the site. It's all covered.
  • Event consultancy - a review of procedures, risk assessments, site layout etc to make sure that your event meets the requirements of local councils and emergency services. This isn't just a box ticking exercise - this is real advice to help make your event safe and successful.

To contact Simon follow the link to the contact page.